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In today's fast paced, information overloaded society, it's often hard to figure out what voice to listen to when it comes to important topics that could impact this and future generations of your family.

When you want to learn more about your car, you consult the owner manual that came with it because it's specifically designed by the manufacturer with the most accurate information.

    This is the case when trying to figure out how to deal with life's toughest questions. We need to consult the manual written by our Creator to find the right answers to these tough questions. Join us as we tackle these (often stressful) areas of family life:

    • January 6th & 7th: Communication
    • January 13th & 14th: Finances
    • January 20th & 21st: Kids
    • January 27th & 28th: Family
    • February 3rd & 4th: Sex