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campus ministry



We have mobilized student missionaries who are trained and equipped to minister to their classmates and make Jesus famous on their campuses. These missionaries attend regular meetings, trainings, and are closely discipled by our student ministries staff. These missionaries lead on-campus Bible studies for their peers, know how to confidently share their faith, participate in a variety of on-campus activities, and are actively inviting their classmates to church. Student missionaries rotate at the beginning of every school year. If you're interested in becoming a student missionary, make sure you grab an application over summer break! 


Adults aren't allowed to share the gospel with students on campus, but we've created ongoing opportunities to care for the teachers and students through a variety of serving opportunities.


It is our goal to have adults from our church on campus every day of the school year assisting with lunch duty. This is an opportunity to provide some relief to the teachers in the middle of their very busy days and to build relationships with students. Opportunities are available daily and you can sign up for as few or as many as you want!

If you would like more information, please email Pastor Trevor by clicking on the "Get More Info" button below.

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