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Construction with a greater purpose -
impacting our community for Christ

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The Impact Project
Construction with a greater purpose -
impacting our community for Christ
As a church we desire to maximize the use of our current land and future facilities. We are committed to reaching out to the world around us with the good news of Christ and seeking to give everyone an opportunity to hear and respond to the grace of Jesus. With that in mind, there are two main reasons we are wanting to expand our current building space: 





Serve our community 

There are approximately 180,000 people within 5 miles of Desert Springs with an anticipated growth to 230,000 by the end of the decade. This projected growth requires intentional planning for the future if we are to effectively serve and impact our community for Christ. 





Plant churches

Future growth will provide the capacity and margin for our church to become debt free. This will allow us to plant churches in greater magnitude. We have planted three churches, two here in the valley and one in Nicaragua and we do not want that to stop! Raising up leaders and planting churches is what we believe God has called Desert Springs to do. 


The Impact Project will be completed in three phases.
Praise God that Phase 1 is officially underway as of Summer 2023!


Phase 1 will maximize our parking, extend the west end of our building to provide more space for children and youth, expand our current bathrooms and provide a new playground.


Phase 2 will be a brand new 20,720sqft worship center that will be multi-purpose in use. It will also provide offices and additional bathrooms. This will give us full utilization of our 10-acre property with our current pavilion becoming the center of our campus. 


Phase 3 will be further classroom expansion in our original building utilizing 25% of our gym space. We will also expand our kitchen area and provide additional space for our digital ministries. 


If you would like to pledge to be a part of The Impact Project, please click here.


Questions? Our Business Manager Bert Reid would be happy to talk with you. You can email for more information. 

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