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Are you ready to start easing back into some fellowship? 


Supper for 6 is a fun and exciting way to connect with people from Desert Springs Community Church. If you would like to meet people in our church in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, then this event is for you! 

Q: What exactly is Supper for Six? 

A: Supper for 6 is for those 50 years and older (or who have a spouse that is 50 or over)! In our church it is often difficult to meet new people. These meals provide singles and couples an opportunity to share a family meal as a church family. The purpose is to mix our members up so that new relationships develop and grow. It is a great way to meet new people at church and get to know your church family better. Each group plans its own meals and gets together once each month or once a week. The group takes turns meeting at one another’s homes or in restaurants, whatever the group prefers.  The emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so you don’t have to be a gourmet cook to participate. 


Q: How are the groups formed?  

A: Those interested in joining a group, simply complete the interest form by clicking on the SIGN UP button at the top or bottom of this page or emailing  If you are interested in being a lead for your group, please express that when submitting your interest (there is a question on the registration form).  


Each group will consist of six adults.  On or around May 28, all those who have expressed interest will be put into a group (spouses/partners will be in the same group).  Once the groups are formed, an email will be sent advising everyone who is in their group.  Then it is up to each group to decide when/where to meet up. 


Q: Can we be in the same group as our friends? 

A: Since the intent of the dinners is to get to know new people, we will not accommodate requests to be in a certain group. The mystery is part of the fun! 


Q: Will there be separate groups for singles and couples? 

A: No. Our intent is to mix everyone together. 


Q: Being a Lead Host sounds like a lot of work. What do I have to do? 

A: Being a lead host is quite easy. Typically, the lead host provides the first meal at his/her home. At that dinner, the leader facilitates discussion of where and when the group will meet next. The leader will remain the point person for the four dinners. That is all! 


Q: Who can I contact with questions? 

A: Don Greenfield, 50+ Ministry Director. or 720-346-1507 

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