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impact project update for D|S Students - 5/28/2023

D|S Students Friends & Family, 


As we move into the summer, we wanted to communicate some updates to you regarding the Impact Project! 


First of all, we’re excited for what the Lord is doing through this season. Not only do we believe he is leading us to begin this project so that we can use it as a tool to be a part of our community, he is also using it as an opportunity to show grace, patience, and compassion towards one another! Undoubtedly soon, we will be running into space issues between ministries in the building, the need for more off-campus events, and miscommunications for schedules and church-calendar events! All of these kinds of things should lead us to examine how the Lord is working IN us to conform us into the image of Jesus–more patience, grace, and understanding with one another. 


Now, for the update regarding student ministries! We have found out that we will be able to continue having Sunday Services for student ministries during the 9:30 service (for High School) and the 11:00 service (for Middle School)! It turns out that, even though construction will be happening, we will have use of the West side of our building during the first stage of construction. Once construction moves to a certain point, our west-facing walls will be torn down and we will have to pause Sunday services, as we thought, but that is not happening yet!


For the “grace, patience, and understanding” part of the letter, we have no clear date on when that “pause” will need to take place. A ventured guess leads us to say mid-August, though that could change. In the meantime, what we’d ask is for you to keep your eyes and ears open because we will be sharing news and updates as soon as we can!


-D|S Students Staff

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