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class notes

week 1 Why is the Resurrection Important

week 2 Historiography: How to Establish Historical Events

week 3 Historical Fact 1: Death of Jesus by Crucifixion pt. 1

week 4 Historical Fact 1: Death of Jesus by Crucifixion pt. 2

week 5 Historical Fact 2: Jesus' Disciples Believed that He Rose and Appeared to Them

week 6 Historical Fact 3: The Empty Tomb

week 7 Historical Fact 4: The Conversion of Paul

week 8 Historical Fact 5: The conversion of James

week 9 Peripheral Evidence for the Resurrection

week 10 Naturalistic Theories Pt. 1

week 11 Naturalistic Theories Pt. 2

week 12 The Shroud of Turin

week 13 Tactics: Columbo 1 & 2, and Suicide

week 14 Tactics: Taking the Roof Off, Steamroller, and Rhodes Scholar

week 15 Concluding Thoughts

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