SMI 2018 - anaheim, ca

What is smi?

Every year we spend about 15 weeks studying evangelism, apologetics, and Christian, Bible-based responses for various world views and social issues. During this time, the students are committed to prayer, Scripture memorization, and high standards of Christian living. The training all leads up to a week-long, life changing, summer mission trip.

SMI Events & Important Dates

Sunday, April 22nd | SMI Training 12:30pm - 3pm *PICTURE DAY*

Saturday, April 28th | Smart Faith Apologetics Conference

Sunday, May 6th | SMI Training 12:30pm - 3pm


Saturday, May 19th | Fundraising Weekend, Saturday Service | arrive @ 4pm

Sunday, May 20th | Fundraising Weekend, Sunday Services | arrive @ 7am

Sunday, May 20th | SMI Training 12:30pm - 3pm


Sunday, June 3rd | SMI Training 12:30pm - 3pm *FINAL EXAM*

Monday-Friday, June 4th-8th | Sports & Arts Camp

Sunday, June 10th | Final Meeting to go Over Trip Details 12:30pm - 3pm

Monday-Friday, June 11th-15th | Xtreme Zone

Saturday-Sunday, June 16th-23rd | SMI Trip

Saturday, June 23rd | SMI Report Service Weekend, Saturday Service

Sunday, June 24th | SMI Report Service Weekend, Sunday Services | arrive @ 7am

smi ministry dress code

This dress code applies during your weekly ministry and does not reflect the dress code that will be required on the trip.

GUYS:  No shorts. No hats. No tank tops. Hair should be well groomed. Just look professional. 

GIRLS: No shorts or rompers. Skirts/dresses should be no shorter than the top of the knee. No cleavage. Err on the side of caution when wearing sleeveless shirts (no spaghetti straps). If it even crosses your mind that it might not be appropriate, bring a cardigan with you and ask a female leader about it.

Frequently asked questions

Introduction to SMI FAQ videos

What is SMI?

What's the difference between an SMI Service Project and a Weekly Ministry? 

What's an excused absence? Will I have to quit SMI if I get sick or have a family emergency?
SMI 2018 Approved Band List
Where do I turn in SMI paperwork and assignments?
Will extra credit be offered? How can I find out about it?
Why do we have such high standards for Christian living (dress code, movies, behavior, etc.)?
What should my relationship with my prayer partners look like?
Why do I need to bring a Bible? Can't I just use the Bible app on my phone?